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Folks, it's that time of year!

Christmas is soon to arrive along with our fabulous annual Christmas party!

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Awesome Video!


Someone had this at our Christmas party a few years ago. Just found them online. Someone is getting this at our party this year! Click below.

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ACTIVITY - Tiger Mountain Winery - Saturday July 23rd - Comment From ACC Admin


Folks, Angie and I met with Greg and Wanda Jackson at the Tiger Mountain Winery this past Saturday (6/25/22) during their check ride for to upcoming club cruise on July 23rd.

Let me just say this, what a wonderful place and a super nice staff at the winery. Friendly atmosphere, live music and a beautiful mountain view you can't beat.

Plus their wines were excellent. I won't comment on how many bottles were consumed, nor how many came home with us, but they were that good.

Hope to see you on the cruise!

Kai and Angie Guettner

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Flying Corvette


Watch the Video bly clicking below.

Wow - just wow!

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Chicago Man Drives 2020 C8 Year Round


The owner says that the Corvette’s multiple drive modes and available Magnetic Ride Control™ 4.0 suspension help “make the car daily-drivable in all weather conditions.” He’s not kidding about all weather — he drives his Corvette through Chicago winters.

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