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Amazing Corvettes Club News and Announcements

In case you missed the ACC meeting and the chance to vote on Potential Events And Cruises For 2018


Please vote for ACC activities you'd like to attend in 2018.
Please vote for each item that you are interested in.
Doc's Cruises can be found on the menu at the top of the page.
Voting closes prior to our November meeting!

Overnite event - Thursday / Friday Visit Corvette Factory - National Corvette Museum – Racetrack
74% (14 votes)
Overnite event - Summer Break at the Beach (suggestion Florida Location)
63% (12 votes)
Overnite event - Thursday / Friday - Visit Charlotte NC RK Motors –Hendricks Corvette Collection - Backing up the Classics
58% (11 votes)
Overnite event - Tail Of The Dragon and Cherohala Skyway
53% (10 votes)
Overnite event - Panama Circle City Corvette Cruise to Destin
53% (10 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 129 Fox Winery
53% (10 votes)
Overnite event - Friday – Sunday Doc’s 131 – Lake Lure NC.
53% (10 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 132 Benton Lee Steak House + Sea Food
53% (10 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 145 Cloud Canyon Loop
47% (9 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 133 Mountain Waters
47% (9 votes)
Day event - Callaway Gardens Day Cruise
47% (9 votes)
Overnite event - Friday – Sunday Doc’s 111 Cruising the Cheaha - Valentines
47% (9 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 126 Mayfield Dairy Braselton
42% (8 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 137 “Chenocetah Mountain”
42% (8 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 135 Reece Apple House Loop
32% (6 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 136 “Quaker Steak & Lube
26% (5 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 127 Sell’s Mill Park
26% (5 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 114 Freeman’s Mill
26% (5 votes)
Day event - Doc’s 139 Rutledge
21% (4 votes)
Ovenite event - Friday – Sunday Doc’ s 110 Historic Piedmont
21% (4 votes)
Overnite event - Alternate Friday – Sunday Doc’s 183 - Valentines
21% (4 votes)
Total votes: 19
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Amazing Corvettes Club members achieve a milestone


Amazing Corvettes Club has reached a milestone of recognition of its popular club format that is focused on having fun with our Corvettes and our friends. As of today going into our 25th month since the founding of our club, our registered membership for the club is at 300. This speaks volumes about the quality of the people in the club because they are our best ambassadors to other Corvette owners. My heart felt congratulations to our members who are the backbone of our very popular socially based Corvette Club. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL

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Important news release about the C7 Z06


Here is a link to important information regarding the cooling issue of the C7 Z06 GM says they will address the issue in 2017 changes of more cooling but no mention yet of older models. One can only hope.

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Independence Day July 4th 2016


Happy Independence Day. This denotes the time when our fore fathers celebrated their separation from an oppressive government lead by a king that levied taxes on the people without representation for the people. With this courageous act of freedom came the founding of these United States of America. The cost to our fore fathers was harsh. Some lost their financial security, others made the supreme sacrifice of giving their lives to our freedom.

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