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Important Updates/News

Major Announcements!


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Amazing Corvette’s is proud to announce the creation of “Juliets”!

Just Us Ladies Into Eating, Talking & Shopping.

Romeo’s has been such a success for the men in our club, so a few of us,
Patti Bergmann, Dannie Perry and Angie Guettner came up with the idea of creating “Juliet’s”

There are so many fun and interesting women in the club and it would be so great to spend more quality time getting to know each other better.

Unlike Romeo’s, our group is only for the ‘Ladies of ACC’ and would meet up on a quarterly (4 times) basis each year.

Each quarter a different restaurant (café, bakery, etc.) and geographical location would be chosen.

We are also thinking of a special activity close to Christmas that would include visiting a unique boutique or store to do some early shopping.

In order to encourage greater participation, we felt having this activity on a Saturday @ 2:00 pm would be best.

We took into consideration those that still work and also to avoid the lunch rush hour.

NOTE: The activity will not be scheduled on any date that a major ACC Event occurs.

The first gathering will be held at La Madeleine's, 1795 Mall of Georgia Blvd. located in Buford; on March 28th at 2:00 pm.

The “Juliet’s’” schedule (date, time and location) will be posted on the Amazing Corvette Club website, allowing you to register attendance to the activity.

Thanks to Kai and Angie for including this on the ACC website. If you have any questions, you can call or text Patti Bergmann @ (928) 231-3536. We are so excited to see all of you at our first activity – and know it will be so much fun!!

The Northeast Atlanta Chapter of The Amazing Corvettes Club is now open for business!

Members in the NE, Buford, Cummings, Dawsonville and Dahlonega area, now have the choice to attend events and meetings closer to their home!
Lew and Diane Houser are heading up the management of the NE chapter.
Check the EVENTS listing for events & meetings for both the Atlanta and the Northeast Atlanta Chapters.

Corvette Generations Artwork

Check out this new outline artwork of the 8 generations of Corvettes.
Pretty cool!

National/World Corvette and Chevrolet News

Amazing Corvettes Club News and Announcements

Tail of the Dragon Cruise Oct 28th - Oct 30th



I have just checked on our block of rooms. We have 12 left out of the 15 reserved until the cut off date of Sept 28th.
However, if you want to stay in the main lodge you need to get your reservations made now. If you wait there is no guarantee that you can get a room in the Lodge with everyone else so don't delay in registering on the ACC website and making your room reservation.

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Independence Day July 4th 2016


Happy Independence Day. This denotes the time when our fore fathers celebrated their separation from an oppressive government lead by a king that levied taxes on the people without representation for the people. With this courageous act of freedom came the founding of these United States of America. The cost to our fore fathers was harsh. Some lost their financial security, others made the supreme sacrifice of giving their lives to our freedom.

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Website Down for Maintenance 5-31-2016

Please be aware that InMotion Hosting, our website hosting company, will be performing upgrades on Tuesday 5/31/2016 at 11 pm eastern time. Our website may be down for a short period of time between 11 pm and 12 am.
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So Why Haven't You Uploaded Pictures of You and Your Cars?


Guess what? As a member on the ACC website, you can upload a picture of yourself, your spouse or significant other, oh and three pictures of your ride or rides!

Just click on your name next to LOGGED IN USER above
Then click on EDIT
Under EDIT scroll down to upload your pictures!
It's that easy.

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Register ASAP - September Cruise to Callaway Gardens!


If you are interested in attending the Cruise to Callaway Gardens for their annual Balloon Festival - please register on the events page AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we can reserve a block of rooms!
Contact Angie Guettner for any questions --> - 404.895.7069
Click here to learn about the event and to register -->

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Basic Map for Rick Hendrick Cruise


1. Depart Sugarloaf Parkway
2. Stop 1 - SC Welcome Center
3. Stop 2 - NC Welcome Center
4. Destination - Hotel

Approximate drive time without stops: 3 hrs 39 min

Approximate distance: 235 Miles one way

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Now available: Free email address


Are you having issues with your AOL, Bellsouth or AT&T email address and getting emails and notifications from the Amazing Corvettes website?

We have a limited number of email accounts that we can provide to our members.

These accounts are for club business and should not be used for personal business as we cannot guarantee service on these accounts.

Posted By acc_admin read more email being rejected


ACC Members:

If your email address that you used to register on the ACC website is from, then there is a good chance you are not getting our email notifications. has added new security levels to their inbound email and many emails going to users at are being rejected.

If you have a 2nd, non email address I highly recommend you use it instead of your address.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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Tax Deduction Notice for Christmas Gifts given to DFACS


If you provided funds, or Christmas presents for our gift drive for DFACS (Division of Family and Children Services) this past Christmas, here is how to claim your gift on your taxes for 2015.

Direct from the horses mouth (the Accountant) - simply add a cash donation to your charitable contributions on your schedule A, and notate that it went to DFACS for Needy Children

As always, check with your own tax professional to ensure proper credit for your donation.

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