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St. Patty's Day! March Madness! Oh My! Don't forget to drive your Vette! Spring is here!

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Amazing Corvettes Club News and Announcements

Cost of Badges Has Increased - Please Take Note


Due to rising costs of raw materials, the Amazing Corvettes Club badges have increased in price from $6 each to $9 each as of October 2021.
Shipping has also increased from $5 to $6 for up to 4 badges. Our supplier apologized for the price increase but had no choice but to do so.
We fully support Pinehill Trophies, our supplier, in this decision.

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Barbara Elibay Annual Christmas Charity:


This year we wanted to make it more personal by choosing to adopt individual families who are truly in need.

We have been in contact with an organization that sponsors a Food Pantry and has firsthand knowledge of families that are truly in need.

They are willing to ask these families if they would let our club “adopt” them for our annual charity, and if so, will put us in contact with them. It will be a more personal experience for us and them.

How many families we adopt will only be limited by your generosity. We understand that everyone has been affected by the Covid situation, but humbly ask that you give as much as you can to this worthy cause. 

Cash or checks made payable to Patti Bergmann must be received no later than December 10th. A basket will be located next to Steve Bracken at the next two meetings for all those in attendance.

For all others who are unable to attend the next 2 meetings and the Christmas party and wish to participate, can send a check directly to the following address:
Patti Bergmann, 6410 Dexters Drive, Cumming, Georgia. 30040 

Thank you, God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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Annual St. Matthew Car Show - Snellville GA - October 16th 2021


St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Snellville is holding their annual car show on October 16th.

Rain or Shine.

All entries welcome.

ACC has attended in the past - it's a great little car show. Good food, good prizes.

Register here:

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2023 Z06 Revealed 10-26-2021


First, we made the mid-engine Corvette a reality. This Fall, we’re giving you the first look at the supercar that will put the world on notice – the All-New 2023 Corvette Z06. See it revealed 10.26.2021. Availability to be announced Fall 2021.

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Chevrolet revives the 396 V-8


Chevrolet revives the 396 V-8

LT2 V-8 Cutaway


GM builds a 6.6-liter gasoline engine for heavy-duty pickups that’s a lot like the 6.2-liter LT1 with which we’re familiar. The difference is that the 6.6 uses an iron block, about an extra quarter-inch of stroke (3.86 inches vs. 3.62 inches), lower compression, and a camshaft meant for low-end power. The result is a 401-hp stump-puller that makes towing a breeze. However, we can’t help but wonder what Chevrolet could do with that kind of displacement in a performance application.

The power curve from the C8 Corvette’s LT2 shows that power is still headed up as the engine hits its fuel cutoff, so unless Chevrolet ditches its variable displacement system to let the engine rev, a cam with more duration won’t add more power at the top end. However, toss that forged 3.86-inch-stroke crank and some new rods into the LT2 and suddenly you’ve got more torque available everywhere.

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