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11-09-23 - Notice:
Our current apparel supplier can no longer efficiently support ACC. We have severed our relationship with them. Current orders will be fulfilled and shipped, with most shipping the week of Thanksgiving.
Any new orders will not be honored. Greg and team are looking for a new supplier and once found, we'll add a link to the website for ordering.
Orders with our embroiderer will still be honored, as this is a separate person. Any article of clothing, on which you would like the ACC logo, can be submitted.

Amazing Corvettes Club News and Announcements

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C3 and C6 Fusion - Yes or No?

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C1 Corvette Almost Became a Euro Fighter


Or, maybe, it was to be a Ford Thunderbird fighter? Hmm.....

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Folks - We Need You At Our Dinner Meetings!


So it's too far.

So it's not the kind of food you like.

So, it's not all of the people you like.

Stop whining - show up. Period.

We want to mingle with our peers in the Corvette community!

Screw Covid, it's over. Time to show up!

Come out, one and all. I'm going to drive from Clarkesville to the meetings. I need to hang with my Vette peeps!

You guys and gals are the best in the world!

Let's hang out and shoot the you know what and let's make this the best car club in ATL!

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