About Amazing Corvettes

Who are the Amazing Corvettes Club?

The Amazing Corvettes Club was formed to enhance and develop friendships with other Corvette owners and enthusiasts. ACC supports the Corvette community and way of life by participating in activities, which allows us to have fun with our Corvettes and friends. “Let the Good Times Roll”.

What is the Amazing Corvettes Club?

ACC is a Corvette Social Club, whose focus is having fun. All ACC Club members have an equal voice. ACC objectives are, NO, Dues, Officers, Board of Directors and By-Laws. This concept allows us to enjoy ourselves unencumbered.

Who can be a member of the Amazing Corvettes Club?

All Corvette owners and enthusiasts including spouse or companion.
To apply, Fill out our web site application, upload a picture of yourself and if appropriate your spouse or companion, plus picture(s) of your Corvette(s). After review an email notification will be sent to you.

Who can be a member of the Amazing Corvettes International Facebook Community

All Corvette owners and enthusiasts including spouse or companion that wants to be a member in our Amazing Corvettes International Facebook Community..

Membership rules!

These Rules must be respected to remain a member in good standing with ACC and to affirm our belief and commitment as a friendly Corvette Club. Our Facebook page is for the promotion of friendships within the Corvette and Car hobby Community.

1. Will not be disrespectful of fellow members, their car(s), or others in the car community.
2. Will not act in a hostile way, belligerent, creating drama, or argumentative disputes.
3. You’ve sold your Corvette, not replaced in a year, you or no are no longer an eligible member.
4. Posting graphics, photos, discussions or disagreements of the following, Religion, Political, Race, Hate, and Pornography on our website or Face Book Page. There are other social programs for those wishing to post something about those topics. Our social media is for the promotion of enhancement and development of friendships with other Corvette owners and car enthusiasts.

ACC identification items are available!

As an option to your membership, you may purchase name badges and static cling windshield stickers from ACC. Embroidered T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hats, Jackets, and other items are available. Contact Steve Bracken for Badges and Windshield Stickers. See the ACC Store link or contact Bill Winton for the embroidered items. See the CONTACT US tab above.

Our goal!

We seek to have Corvette owners and enthusiasts join us by becoming a member of ACC and participating in our events. We will support other Corvette club’s events and encourage them to support our events. It is our desire to have friendly relationships with Corvette owners, enthusiasts and Corvette clubs

Membership Requirements

Last Updated 06-18-2019