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Amazing Corvettes Club News and Announcements

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While Your Vette and Other Cars Are Sitting Idle - Good Tips


Check out these great tips from GM on keeping your car fit while it's in storage.

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Barbara Elibay


I'm very sad to share the news that Barbara Elibay passed away this morning. She'd been making progress with her physical rehabilitation, but suffered cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated. Please keep her, Refik and their family in your prayers.

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RPI Designs - No Longer a Preferred Vendor


Due to multiple issues with RPI Designs (aka, a recent recommended supplier of Corvette parts to our club, I have removed this vendor from our list of preferred suppliers.

On multiple occasions, this vendor has misrepresented shipping dates, in-stock quantity and we have seen issues with the quality of the workmanship of custom painted parts.

However, the biggest issue by far, is a lack of communication by the vendor. Phone calls go unanswered and not returned. Emails go into cyberspace never to be seen again.

Plus the vendor was taking full payment upfront without ever shipping the ordered items.

For those reasons, we had to chop RPI Designs.

Kai Guettner
ACC Website Master

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93 ZR1 40th Anniversary. One of just 245 ZR1s built for Sale


From Buyavette:

We love seeking out those rare Corvettes for our inventory, and we're particularly pleased to be bringing in this '93 ZR1 40th Anniversary. One of just 245 ZR1s built with the 40th Anniversary package, this car shows just 2,087 miles, and is truly a time capsule as the previous owners babied this car like nothing we've ever seen.

Whether you're looking to purchase a Corvette, or sell or just maintain the Corvette you already have, it's a always great time to come in to Buyavette! Let us know how we can help get your Corvette addiction into gear.

Greg Rush
Buyavette Founder and CFO

To see this machine -->

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Amazing Corvette’s is proud to announce the creation of “Juliets”!

Just Us Ladies Into Eating, Talking & Shopping.

Romeo’s has been such a success for the men in our club, so a few of us,
Patti Bergmann, Dannie Perry and Angie Guettner came up with the idea of creating “Juliet’s”

C6 or C7 With Leather Dash That's Peeling Off?


Your very own Kai Guettner, webmaster of the Amazing Corvettes Club was on the local news, discussing his 2012 C6 Corvette and the dreaded leather dash lifting and peeling issue.

Click here to see the video -->

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Do You Need a Classic Car Appraisal?


Check it out - our own Mike Thies has partnered with the International Vehicle Appraisers Network.

Mike is offering a discount to all ACC members. Call or email Mike for your next appraisal!

Mike is a certified appraiser and can assist with all of your needs.

Value Appraisals (Selling)
Insurance Appraisals (Agreed Value, Claim Settlement)
Estate Appraisals
Divorce Appraisals
Bankruptcy Appraisals
Fraud Appraisals
Substandard Restoration Appraisals
Buying a collector/classic car Appraisal

Contact Mike:

770-883-0160 or email

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