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Time To Vote For Food Options For Our Annual Christmas Party 2018!


It may seem crazy, but we need to start planning for our 2018 Annual Christmas Party and Dinner!

Click to vote -->

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Yes, Amazon Can Now Deliver Packages To Your C7


Quote from article "Here’s another use for your special Corvette. In addition to track, show, or Sunday driving use your Corvette can now function as a drop-off point for your latest purchase. The online retailer and General Motors announced last week that Amazon Prime members can have packages delivered right to their OnStar equipped vehicles."

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Membership Master Position Filled

I am very pleased to announce that one of our long time members has accepted the position of Membership Master. Arthur MacWilliams is a very active member and a good friend to the club and I am delighted that Arthur inquired about the position. I was very pleased when Arthur told me of his interest, because I knew he will do a good job in recruiting ideal members for our club. When next you see Arthur, please join me in congratulating him on his ACC position. Sincerely, Steve Bracken
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Jay Leno Garage - Corvettes Edition!


Thanks to Tom Hopen for finding this gem!

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Read all about the new ZR1 from Chevy - directly from Chevy

Read all about the new ZR1 from Chevy - directly from Chevy Get more -->
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Subject: Why you always set the parking brake with an automatic trans


From Bob Sprock,

I recently had the shifter cable fail on my 06 Coupe.

This allowed the car to roll even though it was indicated to be in Park.

Fortunately, I applied the parking brake before there was a collision.

I was unaware this could even happen, so be warned!



Thanks Bob! We'll all keep that in mind with our auto transmission cars. Angie and I have been driving 6 speed manuals for years and even with the new C7 Auto, we apply the parking brake every time. It's just a habit now.


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Over the past two weeks we've seen an increase of members with email addresses on the AOL.COM domain not getting emails from the website. We've investigated and found that AOL.COM is blocking our emails once again.

A case has been opened with our Website and Email provide, They are investigating and working with AOL to find a solution to the issue.

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