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April 2021 - News and updates

Happy Easter to all of our ACC members!


We are deeply saddened to report that our good friend, and member of the Amazing Corvettes Club, Robert Sprock has passed away.

Funeral will be Saturday the 10th of April, 2021 at 11 am.

If you plan to attend, please drive your Corvette in memory of Bob.

Rain or shine, your ride won't melt.

Wages and Sons Funeral Home
Gwinnett Chapel
1031 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

For more details, please visit our Memorial Page.

Memorial Page

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Tax Deduction Notice for Christmas Gifts given to DFACS


If you provided funds, or Christmas presents for our gift drive for DFACS (Division of Family and Children Services) this past Christmas, here is how to claim your gift on your taxes for 2015.

Direct from the horses mouth (the Accountant) - simply add a cash donation to your charitable contributions on your schedule A, and notate that it went to DFACS for Needy Children

As always, check with your own tax professional to ensure proper credit for your donation.

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Electric Corvette? Say it ain't so ....

Image Not Loaded

Speculation of an Electric Corvette Grows After GM Trademarks ‘Corvette E-Ray’

How do you feel about this? Comment below.

Read the article -->

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1997 - 2004 C5 Steering Wheel Position Sensor


Recently had a conversation with Sam Mahdavi at Mahdavi Motor Sports in Lilburn.

He recommends that anyone owning a C5 Corvette, if not already replaced, to purchase a spare Steering Wheel Position Sensor. He said that GM is no longer manufacturing this item and it is a high failure item in higher mileage and now, as they age, older C5 Corvettes. The part can be had from many online retailers for under $100.

I purchased mine on Ebay for my 2003 C5. -->|Model%3ACorvette&hash=item1ea4bb6c0f:g:ZeQAAOSwHjNWBY--&vxp=mtr

Here is a forum thread on the subject -->

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*** IMPORTANT *** Tate House Menu for December 13th - 2015 Cruise


*** Please vote by 12:00 noon on Friday 12-11-2015 ***

To all of you who have registered for the Tate House Cruise with Lunch at the Woodbridge Inn afterwards, I have received a request from the Hostess at Woodbridge Inn.

Being that we have 53 people for lunch she is concerned that everyone ordering from the menu could cause a delay in service from their kitchen. Because she would like everyones experience to be the best possible she has provided a menu that we can select from assuring us of the best possible service experience. Having the menu information in advance will aid them in preparing for our arrival.

Please note a lack of response will mean they will not have any information about your lunch request. So please respond ASAP so we can assure ourselves of the best luncheon they can provide.

I need to know from each you who are going to join us for lunch and what is your selection. Please respond to this email with the selection for all in your party by name. If there are some people who have special dietary requirements outside of the proposed menu, I will see what can be done to accommodate your needs.

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Jan Magnussen: New Corvette tested; fresh hopes for Kevin


By: Jan Magnussen, Driver columnist

In his final column for this year, Jan Magnussen looks back on his GTLM season of highs and lows – and forward to son Kevin’s Porsche LMP1 test.
The 2015 season has come to an end but there is really no such thing as an off-season any more.

We had the first test with the updated version of the Corvette C7.R last week at Sebring and things went pretty well. It’s quite a bit different than last year’s car, but I think everybody was pretty happy with it.

The new technical regulations for 2015 will make the GTLM cars faster with extra horsepower but mainly more downforce. So it is going to be interesting to see how the balance between the GTLM and the GTD cars works out next year.

The GT3 cars that are coming in to the GTD class, all of those are pretty fast and they have a lot of horsepower, so I think we’ll be quick in different areas.

They’ll be fast down the straights and we’ll be fast in the corners. I don’t know how much of a difference it’s going to make.

Looking forward to added competition

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*** NEW FEATURE *** - Multiple Pictures of your Corvette!


After some suggestions, we have now added the ability for you to add up to 3 pictures of your Corvette(s). Previously, you could only add one.

Simply go and edit your user profile and under My Corvettes Pictures, you can now add up to 3 of your favorite.

1. Click on MY ACCOUNT on the menu above
2. Click EDIT
3. Scroll down to MY CORVETTE PICTURES
4. Add your pictures

It's that easy!

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Corvettes Against Cancer - 2015 Atlanta Motor Speedway


Steve Bracken - somewhat in trouble!

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