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11-09-23 - Notice:
Our current apparel supplier can no longer efficiently support ACC. We have severed our relationship with them. Current orders will be fulfilled and shipped, with most shipping the week of Thanksgiving.
Any new orders will not be honored. Greg and team are looking for a new supplier and once found, we'll add a link to the website for ordering.
Orders with our embroiderer will still be honored, as this is a separate person. Any article of clothing, on which you would like the ACC logo, can be submitted.

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Zero to Sixty Calculator - This is pretty cool!


Ever wanted to estimated what your expected 0-60 time should be for your car?

Check this out -->

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Raffling off a 2015 C7 Stingray - Get your tickets now!


The Dale Jr. Foundation is offering fans the chance to win Earnhardt's ride in the “Win Dale Jr.’s Ride” raffle. $25 tickets can be purchsed at, with proceeds benefitting the more than 70 charities supported by TDJF.

Read more -->

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Video: Tail of the Dragon - The Steve Bracken Story


Come take a ride with me on the Tail of the Dragon. I had a passenger who was a young guy that was ex military and Brenda asked me to give him a ride because he had never been in a Corvette. As you can tell he was pretty excited about the ride. Sorry about the background radio sound it was so low I did not think it would get recorded but it did. The clicking you hear in the background is me using the paddle shift.

There were some slow downs caused by bikers (the pedal type) and a person driven at a normal speed, plus approaching traffic that I needed make sure they would stay in their lane. Enjoy the ride along.

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