Memorials To Our Club Members Who Have Taken The Road Up On High

Life and death are natural things, and each of us will face both during our short stint on this plane of existence.
We have met many travelers, fellow Corvette owners, through our journey with the Amazing Corvettes Club.
Often, new members come and go for various reasons, leaving the club after a short period,
or never really fully joining the club.
However, there are some members that stay for the long haul.
It is a well known fact the a large percentage of Corvette owners are older in age,
having spent a significant portion of their life in pursuit of owning a Corvette.
Having worked hard and and for many long years, saving every penny to one day own that most special of American Muscle:
The Chevrolet Corvette.
"The Dream Never Dies"
With the recent onset of a world wide pandemic of Covid-19,
we have become even more aware of our fragility and of our short time on this earth.
We have lost several good friends during this time.
Most of natural causes of just getting old or having suffered with disease such as cancer or other terminal ailments.
We want to remember these great friends, these great Amazing Corvettes Club Members.
Not because they owned and drove Corvettes, but for who they were - damn good people who left this place way too soon.
"Our Friends Departed - Our Final Corvette Wave"
John (Doc) Manges May 23rd, 2015 Click Here Click here
Marvin Sikes November 2016 Click here Click here
Steven Tanski May 9th, 2019 Click here Click here
Carol Looker May 13th, 2020 Click here Click here
Barbara Elibay June 6th, 2020 Click here Click here
Frank Catroneo August 28th, 2020 Click here Click here
Robert Sprock April 4th, 2021 Click here Click here
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