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Amazing Corvettes Club News and Announcements

Amazing Corvettes Club Meeting in the UK (yep - United Kingdom)


Did you know that ACC has a group of members who reside in the UK (England)?

They had their first meeting in November 2014.

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Club Badges


I have some people who have requested club badges. If you would like one please email me with your request to -
I plan on having them available for you at the first Dinner Meeting Jan 8th so please send your request ASAP, Jan 8th is getting closer every day.

Posted by acc_admin on behalf of Steve Bracken

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Road Atlanta: Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner Takes the Z06 for a Hot Lap | Chevrolet


Awesome Video of the new PDR (Personal Data Recorder) built into the New Stingray!

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Ron Pratte Car Collection to be auctioned off 2015


Ron Pratte car collection preview for Scottsdale at Barrett-Jackson 2015

See the video -->


This invoked in me, a feeling of nostalgia .. that this GREAT ERA is like the canvas of our lives...
it is changing daily....We will never hear that water flow down that stream again...over the rocks of life..
to another region... or era.

What a King's Ransom it will take to purchase this fleet....a shame to break it up.
I wish someone would purchase the whole collection in the current building, and
sell it as a package...and make HISTORY continue.

Anyone hear why it is being sold? Health?
The high rollers will surely be rocking the walls with their bids.

Want to buy a car ??


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C7.R vs 2015 Z06


Thinking of getting a new 2015 Z06? It's a real race car under all of that beauty!

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Click here to link to our Facebook page.

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