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11-09-23 - Notice:
Our current apparel supplier can no longer efficiently support ACC. We have severed our relationship with them. Current orders will be fulfilled and shipped, with most shipping the week of Thanksgiving.
Any new orders will not be honored. Greg and team are looking for a new supplier and once found, we'll add a link to the website for ordering.
Orders with our embroiderer will still be honored, as this is a separate person. Any article of clothing, on which you would like the ACC logo, can be submitted.
IMPORTANT DATE 05-17-24- Notice:

Please be aware, that this website will down offline on May 17th, 2024 for most of the day.
This is due to the vendor that hosts the website, moving the site to a new data center facility.
The move should only cause an outage of 2 to 4 hours, however, they are unable to determine
when, during the day the site will be moved.

Amazing Corvettes Club News and Announcements

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TIRES: From 1987 Corvette, original turbine style wheels with P255/50VR-16 Gatorback Goodyears with approximately 2500 miles – excellent condition. $1,200.

WHEELS: From 2003 Corvette, set of polished aluminum 5 spoke wheels: two 17” and two 18” – excellent condition. $600

Tom Cantrell
Home – 770-972-4980

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Corvette Forum posts Glamour shots of newly delivered Z06 Vettes!


The wait is over! The first Z06s have been delivered, and are sitting pretty in their owners’ driveways and garages. These photos are like those newborn-baby shots you always see on Facebook--only a million times better.

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Toys for Tots Drive


To all:

Wow! Here is a chance to do some some good for others during the Christmas season.

Thanks to Mike Thies our Car Show Master for bringing this to our attention. I suggest we meet at the McDonalds at 3393 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30044 and plan on leaving for the show at 10:30 AM. Okay how can we do some good other than bringing a toy for the tots? They are giving $100 to the club with the largest attendance. If we have enough members entered to win, I suggest we give the money back to the Toys for Tots program. I hope you agree that this is a good event. BTW it is on the 14th, the day after our Christmas Party. Here is a chance to celebrate the weekend with your friends from ACC. I hope to see you there. If traveling direct let me know so we can save a spot for you.

Let the good times

Best Wishes
Steve Bracken
Amazing Corvettes Club

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Amazing Corvettes Club Meeting in the UK (yep - United Kingdom)


Did you know that ACC has a group of members who reside in the UK (England)?

They had their first meeting in November 2014.

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Club Badges


I have some people who have requested club badges. If you would like one please email me with your request to -
I plan on having them available for you at the first Dinner Meeting Jan 8th so please send your request ASAP, Jan 8th is getting closer every day.

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Road Atlanta: Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner Takes the Z06 for a Hot Lap | Chevrolet


Awesome Video of the new PDR (Personal Data Recorder) built into the New Stingray!

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