To new members PLEASE READ

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Thank you for signing up to the new website for The Amazing Corvettes Club.

1. Please click on HELP at the top of the page to read the help file. Many useful tips there

2. Please edit your account and add your picture, your spouses picture, your corvette picture and your signature (This is just what will show when you comment on content on the site).

3. Please click everywhere! Check everything out and provide feedback to me via my email link -

4. When uploading pictures, they must be under 2 MB in size. If your pictures are larger than 2 MB, the upload will fail. Please resize your pictures so they are less then 2 MB each.

If you need help, send the pictures to and we will resize them for you.

5. If you want a picture gallery of 3 to 6 pictures of your car(s), email the pictures to acc_admin as well and we'll create one for you.

Thanks for your help and enjoy our new website!