New Membership Requirements Starting February 1st, 2021
1 To become an Amazing Corvette Club member, first and foremost is ownership of a Corvette.
2 Spouses are recognized as mutual Corvette Owners and both are members.
3 Significant others or Friends can also be members if they also own a Corvette.
4 If Significant others, Friends own a Corvette, they will submit their own membership application.
5 The candidate for membership will attend at least one ACC Club Dinner Meeting, and one Event. Please
contact, Steve Bracken Atlanta Chapter, Diane or Lew Houser N. East Chapter or David or Bonnie Thornburg
N. West Chapter to make sure one of us is aware you are attending.
6 This is an opportunity for you to meet the members and for us to meet you.
7 If after a meeting you wish to become a member. The next step is to make a purchase of $50 minimum of ACC
Club ID materials using our website. This is the final step to become a member.
8 The only objective ACC has is to have members participate in our Meetings, Events while proudly wearing their
ACC ID Materials. Excepting the ACC Windshield sticker bought from Steve Bracken and the ACC ID pin from
Bill Winton all purchases are made through our suppliers.
9 If the applicant needs time to review the membership process, it can be done at a later time.
10 If you need help with this process, Bill Winton or Steve Bracken will guide you through our website process of purchasing ACC Club ID materials.
11 All materials have the ACC Logo. Men or Women: One Hat or Visor, One golf shirt/or Shirt, one ID Badge with member’s name and a windshield static cling sticker for each Corvette.
  ACC does not profit from any supplier sales of ACC ID Materials.

This is a onetime cost for minimum purchase is below. * Cost can increase if other items are selected.
Itemized purchases of ACC identification materials at minimal costs
Your ACC identification Materials are used for the discounts offered by our many suppliers.

2 Men or Ladies Golf Shirts (*Approx cost) $30.00
ID Badge with ACC Logo (Approx cost including shipping and tax) $10.00
Windshield Static Cling (For each see Steve Bracken for purchase) $5.00
ACC ID Pin (For each see Bill Winton for purchase) $5.00
-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------
Total Cost - Single Membership $50.00
Total Cost - Family Membership / Two People $100.00
-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------

To remain a member in good standing, the following requirements have to be maintained.
The following requirements apply to all members.
Attendance in, any combination of four events or four meetings in a year. If you cannot meet the
requirement, your membership for the next year will be moved to inactive.
The requirement for attendance at Dinner Meetings and Events are temporally suspended
due to Corona Virus. We hope we can get back to our past normal lives. 
Attendance is not counted if you belong to another club and you are working their event or a
registered attendee in that club’s event, even if ACC may have listed it on our events calendar.
Plus logging into our ACC Web Site at least once every 90 days. If you cannot maintain the website
requirements, your membership will be placed in suspension, and held in an inactive Roster and you
will be informed by email that you are outside of the club communications.
Married members can maintain attendance, website contact by one or a combination of the two.
 You can request the Web Master restore your communication.
If your inactivity is a total of 180 days your membership is moved to inactive. If your inactivity continues
for another 180 days your Membership will be removed and moved to past members.
If you have a valid reason, it maybe possible that your membership can be restored to a member in
good standing, providing you made your minimal purchases of ACC ID materials, and also emailing
Steve Bracken stating the reason for your inactivity. If you have NOT made your purchases of ACC ID
Materials, you will be classified as a new Provisional Member.

These 3 Rules must be respected in order to remain a member in good standing with ACC
1. You cannot be disrespectful of your fellow member, their car(s), or others in the car community

2. Members acting in a hostile way, being disruptive, argumentative, and, or creating drama.

3. If you have traded or sold your Corvette and do not plan on buying another within one year

ACC’s Goals
We seek to have other Corvette owners join us by becoming a member of Amazing Corvettes Club
and participating in our events. We will support other Corvette club’s events and encourage our
members to support our events and others we are attending. It is our desire to have a friendly
relationship with other Corvette owners and Corvette clubs. Ultimately ACC seeks to have members
who want to have fun by participating in the activities and events of ACC and being leaders of
events and activities for ACC.
Existing Members and Additional Considerations

Members who have joined ACC prior to Feb 1st 2019 are not subject to the purchasing requirement
for membership. However, they are expected to show their pride in ACC by buying ACC ID
Materials and wearing them at meetings and events. So please comply by buying and wearing ACC
ID Materials and displaying the ACC windshield sticker. It is highly recommended that the older
members do so and show their pride and support for their club.
Honorary Members
People who have impact on the car community and are of potential benefit to ACC but are not Corvette
owners may be awarded honorary membership by the leadership. Any member can request an honorary
membership for someone. But the request, plus the reason for the request must be emailed to Steve Bracken.
ACC will try to have a different speaker of interest at least three times a year to keep members interested.
All of the Chapter Dinner Meetings will have a Meeting time of 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
ACC does not make these changes in the requirements to become a member or to maintain your
membership lightly. The driving reasons behind it are as follows. ACC is a lot more popular than
anticipated. Presently the number of registered members is close to 750. The data requirements
to maintain history and backups of a database of that size have become a large task requiring time
and disc space. Since this club was formed without dues and we wish to continue that format changes
have to be made on the computer demands. Why changes? It is because every person in a leadership
position are volunteers that are donating their time and resources to the health and well being of ACC.

Being that the equipment and time is donated to maintain such a large database a solution was needed.
In digging into the detail of the membership it was discovered that we have had many people sign up as
a member but never attended a meeting or an event. In other words, inactive members, just the opposite
of our goal. We very much desire active members. So instead of just eliminating people from our
membership roles, we decided to put some requirements for joining and maintaining membership in place.

Of course, if you do not have any desire to maintain your membership you will in time be removed for
our active roster, the decision is totally up to you. If you decide that you cannot meet the requirements
and would like to be removed from the active membership, please notify:

Steve Bracken

However, if you are considering meeting the requirements to maintain your membership then we are
delighted you have chosen to remain as an active ACC member.

(Last updated 01-28-2021)